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Monique Osborne

BSN, RN, DNP-PMHNP Candidate 2024

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Intern

Hello! My name is Monique Osborne and I am a psychiatric/emergency room nurse. I have two Bachelor's degrees: Forensic Chemistry and  Nursing. As a bedside nurse of five years, I quickly observed the disconnect with patients and their providers. Witnessing a gap in effective care, I felt the need to further my education. Currently, I am working on my doctorate in nursing practice with a focus in psychiatry. As a future nurse practitioner,  I look forward to providing care that everyone deserves. Psychiatric nurse practitioners promote well-being through prevention and education, in addition to the assessment, diagnosis, care, and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders.

I follow a holistic approach when providing support to my clientele. I consider how the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of a person impact their mental health. If one part is not working properly, then everything else will be affected. And although the idea of having "perfect balance" is a myth, when we are cognizant of the things that affect us and learn to bend with the wind, we can create the life that lies within our deepest hopes  and aspirations.  My treatment modality consists of holistic treatment plans that include patient preferences, evidence-based practices, and medication when appropriate.

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