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Addison Liming



 Hello there! I start each counseling journey by forming safe, authentic, and caring therapeutic relationships with my clients. As a narrative and existential therapist, I use the power of stories and storytelling to help folks find context, meaning, and purpose among the suffering, pain, and trauma they experience and have endured in life. With a major focus on empowerment, I work to guide clients in shifting their perspectives, beliefs, and long-running inner monologues into ones that use inner resources and new strategies to serve them in new ways, to change habits and assumptions, and to find preferred ways of being in the world. 

 In therapy with me, you can expect to engage in some creative interventions that encourage expression and storytelling through more ways than just talking. (Art, music, nature… sometimes words just don’t cut it.) You will discuss often about the brain biology and physical/cultural contexts that shape us all in vastly different ways. And you will dig deep. You can also expect to laugh! Humor is, after all, the best medicine for many things.

 I received my M.Ed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from William & Mary in 2021 and am now a Licensed Resident in Counseling. I have training and experience in working with peri and postpartum folks, and I am passionate about helping individuals and families through the complex experiences of pregnancy and birth. I also enjoy couples counseling and I have particular skills in helping couples and individuals experiencing sexual issues. In addition to professional training, I also bring to my work the experience of being a client and a person who has navigated the mental health system. My life has been changed by good, caring counselors, and I am honored and privileged with the opportunity to pay that gift forward to others.

I live with my husband in a blended family and find joy in raising my daughter and stepdaughter. I’m a proud nerd, a huge fan of weird science, PBS, and Russian literature, and an amateur archaeologist. On weekends you might catch me performing music at a local pub, hiking, slowly transforming the front yard into an orchard, or trying out a new recipe.

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