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Julia Wellons



Hi there! My name is Julia Robinson. I am currently a mental health therapist and board approved Resident in Counseling. I have a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University and intend to obtain my Master’s of Science in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the end of this summer.

Within my educational and clinical journey, I have found that my preferred approach is that of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which proves to be largely helpful within the therapeutic process for a variety of presenting problems by connecting the dots between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I appreciate that each and every person is unique and has had unique, lived experiences that have shaped who they are, so I tend to use an integrative approach to assist clients with learning new skills and tools to manage symptoms associated with mental health difficulties, gaining insight, and finding inner strengths. I have worked with a variety of populations and presenting problems during my clinical tenure. I have experience and enjoy working with adolescents and adults 14 years and older who are dealing with anxiety, depression, stress or burnout, identity exploration, trauma, low self-esteem, women’s issues, relationship challenges, and life transitions.

I am here to serve as your advocate, your navigator, and your teammate. I know that life at times can prove to be difficult and challenging in many different ways. I truly believe that we all possess the inner strengths to overcome the challenges that life throws at us, and that sometimes we need someone for guidance and support to access them. I am here to be that someone. I am here to assist you on your journey to inner peace, growth, and healing every step   along the way. Together, we will work to overcome any challenges that comes your way and to help you truly enjoy your walk through life as your best self. I am a firm believer that even though mental health counseling can be challenging or uncomfortable at times, it should also be enjoyable! I am here to be a part of your support system while creating a fun, non-judgmental safe space where we can work together to navigate any challenges you might face. I will guide you through hardships whilst fostering positive experiences along the way. Together, we can create a plan and set goals centered around your specific needs and wants on your counseling journey. Remember, I am here to help you achieve the happy and fulfilling life you so dream of and deserve.

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