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Penelope Davis

Clinical Mental Health Intern


Hello, my name is Penelope Davis. I’m currently earning my Masters in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling at Virginia Commonwealth University. I have a certificate for Trauma Informed Ethics and I’m a QMHP trainee for adults and children. I have a passion for helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives. I believe that community and connection are some of the most important factors for healing. We are currently seeing an epidemic of loneliness and disconnection and it’s my goal to help my clients make meaningful changes to help ease those feelings.

I use a combination of Motivational Interviewing, Existential, Polyvagal, and Emotion Focused techniques. Emotions help us navigate our world and all too often we end up repressing what we feel to cope with life’s stresses. All too often we find ourselves in survival mode which leads us to feeling deregulated. Using Motivational Interviewing, I help clients focus on what they want to change in their life as they search for more meaningful ways to connect with the world around them.

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