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Women's Issues

Women’s Therapy

Women face a unique set of stressors in life, and this can lead to a need for a therapist who has training and experience working specifically with women to overcome these issues or navigate challenging life situations. At Therapeutic Counseling & Consulting, our skilled therapists are here to support you in all you go through. On this page, you can learn more about women’s therapy services and what to expect when you visit with our team. 

Who Should Consider Therapy for Women’s Issues?

There are many reasons women consider reaching out to us for therapy, including: 

  • Mood disorders like depression and anxiety

  • Excessive stress

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Perfectionism

  • Career struggles

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Perinatal Mental Health

One common reason women seek therapy is perinatal mental health and mood disorders. It can be difficult for women to seek support for these conditions. Many women experience shame surrounding perinatal mental health concerns, but it’s actually very common. Research indicates that 1 in 5 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers experience mood disorders following the birth of their child. If you’re not feeling yourself during or after welcoming a new child, ask yourself the following questions to determine whether therapy may be a good resource: 

  • Are you feeling sad, hopeless, or helpless?

  • Do you feel worried, panicked, or anxious frequently? 

  • Does your mind race or do you experience intrusive thoughts?

  • Are you having mood swings or emotional outbursts? 

  • Do you feel like it’s hard to connect with or bond to your child? 

  • Have sleep or eating habits changed dramatically? 

  • Are you often worried you may hurt your baby or yourself? 

What Happens During Women’s Counseling Sessions?

Counseling sessions should be dynamic. That means they are able to change to meet your unique needs and issues that arise. However, they should also provide you with a sense of stability and security, so you feel safe sharing your thoughts and experiences. It’s a fine line that the best therapists learn to walk well. During your introductory therapy session, your counselor will talk to you about why you made the decision to seek therapy and what you hope to achieve during counseling sessions. From there, your therapist will work with you to develop a plan to achieve your goals. At each session, you’ll discuss how you’re feeling, any issues you encountered between sessions, and work to develop strategies for managing conflicts, navigating challenges, and processing difficult emotions or thought processes. They may utilize a range of therapy approaches, but for most people, therapy involves a combination of approaches and strategies to meet individual needs. 

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Who Offers Women’s Therapy?

Our counseling team includes women who get what it’s like to struggle. Whether you’re working through a perinatal mood disorder, excessive stress, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, people pleasing, or any of the common concerns impacting women today, we’ve got you covered (and some of us have been there too!). At Therapeutic Counseling & Consulting all our therapists assist with women issues.  However, if you are looking for Perinatal Mental Health we have specific therapists that specialize in this area and you can schedule counseling sessions with:

How Do I Get Started?

First and foremost, if you are experiencing distress related to the birth of a child, please consider reaching out to the Postpartum Support International (PSI) helpline. This will give you immediate access to support and resources. If you feel safe and stable or want to schedule a women’s therapy session, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Therapeutic Counseling & Consulting, using our online inquiry form, calling (804) 322-9955, or emailing us at We’re here for you.

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