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Wellness Groups

Being in a group is a unique experience that is hard to describe unless you have experienced it. The group can provide a space where individuals can share their daily anxieties/life stressors and relate to others who may be going through similar situations. Hearing multiple point of views and life experiences can be very helpful in our own personal growth and healing, as this can allow us to think of our own difficulties in a new way and figure out how to apply different skills in a variety of settings.

It is important to note that with individual therapy and group therapy, change is not going to occur if we do not try to put the skills into practice outside of the therapy time. It would be important for any individual wanting to join a group therapy session to plan a time daily (even if it is 5-10minutes) where they can reflect on what was learned/shared/taught in the group and practice the skills.

Group Topics

At the moment all groups are virtual.  In person groups will be added in the near future!

DBT Group for Anxiety 
With Group Leader Cassidy Van De Graaf, LPC
  • This Dialectical Behavioral Therapy group will be addressing anxiety in daily life and how to implement skills from the DBT components of Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.
  • This group will be addressing the difficulties of managing day-to-day life experiences, such as difficulties with others whether that may be family/friends/coworkers/partners, work/life balance, being present in daily life, how to manage anxiety in a variety of situations, and how to check in with our mind and bodies to connect our inner most thoughts/feelings/behaviors.
  • This is an 12-week group for ages 18+.  This group will cover all 4 components of DBT- Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, & Interpersonal Effectiveness.
What results can the individuals expect from attending the group?
  • Each individual can expect to gain a wide variety of skills to add to their “tool box” for helping their anxiety and calming any stress.
  • Individuals can expect, with continual practice of skills, a decrease in anxiety symptoms in day-to-day situations and experiences.
  • Each individual can also expect a new variety of resources and understanding in the realm of DBT therapy as well as any referrals they may need or ask for from the therapist leading the group.
Bereaved Parents Support Group
With Group Leader Jenea Wiley, MFT Intern
The Bereaved Parents Support Group allows you to relate with others with similar issues, finding comfort while learning the skills to assist in the healing process in a safe space.  This is a 4 week group that runs for 80 minutes. 
The Topics include: 
Week 1 Topic: What does grief look like? 
Week 2 Topic: Create healthy boundaries
Week 3 Topic: Journaling
Week 4 Topic: Coping Skills dealing w/ grief
I look forward in assisting you in your healing journey. 
Purple Flowers on a solid background -In-Person or Telehealth Therapy for Individuals, Couples or Children in Virginia
Cassidy Robinson - Wellness Group Leader -In-Person or Telehealth Therapy for Individuals, Couples or Children in Virginia - Cassidy Robinson Therapist

Get to know your group leader:

Welcome! My name is Cassidy Van De Graaf and I will be leading the upcoming Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group for Anxiety. I have over 2 years of experience leading groups in an inpatient setting for a variety of mental health difficulties whether that be anxiety, depression, trauma, etc. I believe the group setting provides something unique that individual therapy cannot. Group therapy allows for individuals with common difficulties to come together to not only learn and grow for themselves, but to also be reminded that they are not alone in what they are dealing with. Group therapy allows for a safe, honest space where the participants and group leader can come together to discuss and practice ways to help each individual build a life worth living. The group environment also allows individuals to relate and hold one another accountable as the weeks progress. I assure you that the group(s) I facilitate will be ones of comfort, support, and safety while balancing the trust among other members and myself.


Get to know your group leader:

Hello Everyone, My name is Jenea Wiley and I will be leading the Bereaved Parents Support Group on Mondays in September at 7pm for 4 weeks.  As a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern certified for Support Groups in Perinatal Bereavement Care and being someone who has experienced a loss, I believe that group therapy is helpful. 

Group Prices

Self-pay options and insurance options are below.

We accept self-pay and most insurances!  Please contact us if you would like to enroll in a group or click the enroll now button below.  Group prices and insurances accepted vary by provider.


Each 75-90-minute Wellness Group session is $45 if paid individually at time of session. A typical group runs 8-12 weeks and group is on a weekly basis.

$25 (Intern Support Groups)

Each Support Group is facilitated by an Intern and is $25 per group session.  Support Groups typically run 4-8 weeks for 75-90 minutes.  Insurance is not accepted for intern level support groups.


We accept most Medicaid plans to include Anthem, Aetna Better Health, Optima, and Optum/UHC.  In addition, we accept most commercial plans to include Cigna, Anthem, Aetna, Optum/UHC, and Optima. 
*Insurance accepted varies by provider.

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Wellness Group Therapy - In-Person or Telehealth Therapy for Individuals, Couples or Children in Virginia


What if someone in the group is someone I know?

We recognize that it might be uncomfortable to be in the same group as someone you know.  Please let your group leader or front office staff know immediately if you have an existing relationship with someone else in the group.  If that happens it's up to the group leader and yourself on how to proceed.  You have the choice to stay in the group should you both agree that it is okay and comfortable to do so.  It may work out to have both of you stay in the same group, or it may be best to have one of you find a different group to join.  If another group is recommended, the group leader will consult with you and the person you know and do our best to find another appropriate group that matches your needs and schedule.

What if I'm too shy and not able to talk as much as the other group members?

Most group members feel some anxiety when first starting a group.  All our group leaders are trained and have experience with helping to initiate conversation and to discuss whatever anxiety the group may be feeling.  Most new members find that the group process allows them to begin sharing in ways they had not expected.

How many people are in a typical group?

Most groups consist of 8-12 members with 1-2 group leaders.

Can I be in individual and group therapy at the same time?

Yes, many members seek both individual and group therapy.  Often times, therapists will suggest some individuals to join a group of people experiencing a related topic or event.  Group therapy can work in conjunction with individual therapy, and it is recommended and encouraged to continue with individual therapy while you are in the group.

How long does each group therapy session take?

The length of group therapy sessions is dependent upon the group.  Most group therapy sessions are 90 minutes unless otherwise indicated.

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