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How Kids Spell Love

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Kids spell love in TIME - Therapy in Virginia

Kiddos spell love in a non-traditional way, their spelling of the word is T-I-M-E.

It hurts my heart to hear parents speak of their disappointment that school is out for the summer. While I think I understand the context in which they speak those words I’m not sure they fully understand that when kids hear their parents dreading the summer it’s as if they are dreading the extra time with them. I want to encourage parents no matter how old your children are, focus on the six T’s over the summer and let it carry on…. It just may change your relationship for the better.

TIME ~ There is no substitute for us as parents so put away distractions such as phones, emails, tv, etc. and get in the floor on their level if you have little ones and play, let them guide you. For the not so little ones, take part in what they like to do, regardless of age…. Ask them what they want to do and just be with them. Dinner time and bedtime are crucial, develop a routine and stick to it, you’ll be happy you did.

TOUCH ~ Hold their hands, brush their hair, hugs, kisses, high fives….. healthy touches every day 😊.

TALK ~ We send messages to our kiddos about whether we are really present or not by what we say or don’t say and at times communication is more non-verbal than verbal. Eye contact and soft expressions are so important, let’s them know you’re present.

TENDERNESS ~ Every parent knows when they are close to their child’s heart, it’s in our DNA. Learn how your child gives and receives love and speak right to them through their love language; this is what they need and want but often don’t know how to tell you verbally. (Hint: they’re all different; you may have 3 kiddos and they all three more than likely give and receive love in their own special way. Take time to learn them).

TEACHING ~ We are ALWAYS teaching our kiddos something even when we think they aren’t watching. The little boogers soak up everything, most “life lessons” are caught….. and taught.

TENACITY ~ Even when they aren’t very lovely, when they disappoint us, defy us, etc. stay the course, repeat the T’s listed above and never quit!! Our love, presence, and influence is everything…. And ENJOY your summer!!!

Kids Spell Love in Time - Therapy in Virginia


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