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Stress.... What is it Good For.... Absolutely Nothing...

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Everyone has dealt with stress or stressors once or more times in our lives, however, how you deal with it matters in order to maintain a balance and healthy life. The month of November is National Stress Awareness Month and International Stress Awareness Week is observed from November 7th, 2022 through November 11th, 2022.

Some obvious sources of stress can come from an individual’s environment such as their employer, school, family, friends, finances, relationships, parenting, and day-to-day inconveniences, these stressors can have an effect on your mind and body (Scott, 2022). Stress can trigger the “fight or flight response”, which makes adrenaline levels and heart rate increase which releases cortisol, the stress hormone. Stress tends to make people feel and act differently and may produce symptoms of anger, depressed feelings, feeling unloved or unmotivated, excessive sleeping or difficulty sleeping, racing thoughts, increase of worry, difficulty concentrating and making good decisions, and struggles being of a stable mindset (Scott, 2022). Stress can have physical implications such as high blood pressure, changes in weight, frequent colds or infections, and changes in the menstrual cycle and poor self-care; some struggle to make time for the things they enjoy, and some turn to using drugs and alcohol to adjust (Scott, 2022).

There are resources available to help with stress; the following apps are available to download:

Calm is a mindfulness meditation app with guided meditations for sleep, anxiety, stress and other distractions

Pacifica is targeted to help those with stress and tracking your mood

Of course, therapy is a great way to relieve stress by talking it out and learning new coping skills and our therapists here at Therapeutic Counseling and Consulting are happy to help! Call or email us today.


Concern Hot-line

Discusses all topics and for Everyone open 24/7

(540) 743-3733


Scott, E. (2022, October). What is Stress? Your Body’s Response to a Situation that Requires Attention or Action. Very Well Mind.

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